“The biggest man in the world” is an illustrated tale for young and old.

The first edition, in Italian and English with illustrations by the author, was released in 2013 thanks to Feltrinelli’s “ilmiolibro” (mybook) program.

The Biggest Project stems from the desire to create a second edition of the tale.

A new version… somewhat “bigger” and somewhat more special.

It’s the result of a boundless and spontaneous collaboration of over 70 people from all over the world.

32 different illustrators, young and talented artists from various countries around the globe, have illustrated the story without knowledge of the works of the others, creating 32 works of art.

32 people among professional and voluntary native speakers, have translated and interpreted the tale, breathing new life into it.

1 unique volume that unites 32 different versions, for a total of over 100 original illustrations.

A project that celebrates the cross-cultural tendencies of our time, intended to stimulate the coexistence of differences as an element of richness, and the importance of these peculiarities in reaching a common goal.

A fantastic experience for all those who have participated and a joy for me, having been able to enjoy the enthusiasm of all those involved.



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